What a beautiful bird!

Hello from a very misty Penrith. Waking up this morning I couldn’t see the Pennines due to the fog. It’s a very grey misty day here. Good job job I don’t have to go anywhere today. Last night I discovered a fabulous class by Alexandra Gábor, or Artmother on Skillshare (a favourite learning channel of mine. I love to snuggle up and watch some of the classes, I find it so relaxing). The class is called, Character Design for Beginners - Create Your First Character and I highly recommend it. I was inspired I started to follow along. I won’t tell you about it here as you will have to watch it, but I can show you what I created. The first is this beautiful bird

and here’s a quick process video

Don’t forget to come back to see what else I created inspired by the class. Take care and I’ll see you soon.