Wearing your own designs with Debs!

Hey there friends, welcome. As a designer and illustrator I find nothing more satisfying that finding ways to use my own designs and adding them to my clothing sure adds an extra special buzz, so I thought I’d share just how simple it is.

Over the next few months i’ll will share some of my design tricks on ways you can use your own designs on products that you can use, give as gifts or even sell. In addition don’t worry if you cannot draw or paint there are lots of ways you can still use your skills.

Okay, so today’s make is a very simple one and I’ll even throw in a design to get you started. I cannot all the credit for this first one though as the original design was by Husband, I just through in a few tweaks. The process is very simple all you need is some printable iron on paper, I got mine from Amazon. I went for one that is for light fabrics but if your fabric is dark choose the one especially for dark fabrics.

Here's what I created

I purchased a white T-shirt, printed off my design and ironed it on, it’s that simple (just follow the instruction) let’s look at a couple more shots.