Valentine's Day will soon be here!

Hi everyone, if you like getting down to the nitty gritty of how artists create what they do you'll enjoy this post. First I have a time-lapse video of how I created my first Valentine themed image, followed by how I turned it into a Gif. First the image

This is how I created it in Procreate. the brushes I used are set up in a file labelled favs they include 6B pencil, Thin render solid, which is the one I use most and then two for texture artistic crayon and stucco. I do use others but these are my go to brushes and are used for at least 90%. Before I started painting I create thumbnails of the image I have in mind to work out exactly what I'm going to do first. I then use this to start my roughs.

The video is just over 5 minutes, so grab a cuppa and kickback and relax for a few minutes.

Just to explain why the screen goes black, I usually like to create without a background as I find it distracting so turn it off. it does make almost impossible to see the actual sketch and will make sure in future I leave it on. Hopefully you will still see everything.

so now I have all the bits that I want to move in the Gif in separate layers. I do try to label the layers but often forget. It is definitely easier in the long run to be very methodical even if creativity and tidy do not often go together.

In the next video, I show what's needed to create the Gif but I'll explain it too. Now I am no where being an expert at this and there are more experienced artists out there creating very complex video digitally, not only are they great artists their animation skills are excellent. this is my way of doing it and its a very simple one, however, there are lots of ways so have a look around if this something you want to get into.

So I start by duplicating the parts I want to move by sliding left on the layer in the layers panel. I create 3 of each enough for simple movement. You can of course as many as you want and the smaller the movement the smoother it will run. I then separate all the parts into 3 groups and arrange in the order to complete the image. The main thing to think about was the left leg had to be behind the bike, so when arranging layers keep in mind how they will look.

once I had arranged all the layers I merged the first set down into one layer, this was my base layer, I then slightly moved the parts I wanted to move in the next group and then repeated it in the 3rd group. I now opened the canvas button at the top left of screen and toggled animation assist. At the bottom of the page you can see the timeline with the 3 frames press play and there you have it. to save go to share - top left and save as a Gif.

Phew that was a long post, take care and ill see you soon

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