Use a Stencil or Two

Hi everyone, here we are again it’s the 1st of the month and time for a new challenge at Country View Crafts, and this month is Stencils. Use them anyway you want to but they must be evident.

I chose to create my own. First I cut it in heavy card stock and then applied several coats of mat medium to add some longevity to the car.

I created the design in Procreate (my go to digital app). The images it creates are raster images, and they are controlled by the amount of pixels they have, the more pixel the higher resolution the image. It’s the same with photos you take. The images are hand drawn, i.e. they are not vector images or shapes drawn by the program. This is sometimes mis-understood and I’ve had it said that digital art is easy because the program does all the hard work. However, that is a misconception, as it takes as much if not more to use a digital pencil and screen as it does to use a real pencil and paper. There are some areas more convenient such as the back button and erase tool (my best friend) but generally speaking if you cannot draw with a pencil, using a digital pencil won’t suddenly make you Picasso lol. It is however, lots of fun, and with practice anyone can draw well.

so I started, with my card stencil design

And cut it out with My Cricut Maker and tested it out. I didn’t really like the thickness around the middle but went with it using some inks.

I used several shades of green and blue acrylic paints my Dina Wakley for Ranger, and then some versafine inks. I cut it into 4 to use as backgrounds for cards.

I edited the stencil, then cut it on The Maker, using 125micron Mylar.

I placed it central on my background and using crackle paste added a generous coat. I loved how the colours seeped up through the paste in areas tying it all together. I chose a few bits of ephemera, and a sentiment which I edged with Walnut Stain ink.

I didn’t want to add too much as I loved how the background really supported the ephemera and looked so cohesive. Let’s have a last look.

Well that’s it for now! Don’t forget to check back for my second post later in the month.

take everyone