Moody Mountains

Hello everyone it’s been a while as I’ve been working on my Uni project. I’m very behind but catching up quick now I’m more able to focus. Hopefully I’ll be able hand in at the end up before starting year 2. How quick as that gone? Anyway, more on that at a later date as today I’m sharing a personal project I’ve been working on for a few days in between other commitment.

So this has been created in Procreate, an iPad app (my favourite and I highly recommend it) it’s original size is A3 which is 11.69 x 16.53 inches. It has 26 layers and the brushes I used were a mix of 6b pencil, artistic crayon, stucco, plus an acrylic brush all of which come with Procreate.

I've included a time lapse of how this was created below.

also just before you go, have you filled in my poll about my website? It will only take a couple of minutes and it will be so useful. It to get an overall view on my site and the art I have created as my portfolio. It’s anonymous and the report will used in my self promotional report so I’d be very grateful if you follow this link

Here’s the video