Deborah Wainwright loves to create visual narratives inspired by what she sees in the world and the fairy-tale fantasy lands that live in her head. Her work provides a spark of magic to set fire to a child’s imagination, which helps to sustain their emotional wellbeing. Caring about people and the world around us she lives by simple rules such as respect, integrity and trust.

Living in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside with views to the Pennines she has a love of the natural world which sustains her, and which she knows is important to her overall health. She is a qualified Psychotherapist and has worked in both adult and children’s mental health, for over 20 years. She is now studying an MA in Illustration at Falmouth University, and is due to qualify next year. 


Inspired by the aesthetic environment in which she lives and creates in her studio, her work is guided by her emotional connection to the subject matter as well her composition skills and use of colour and texture, producing pleasing illustrations which tell a story both explicitly as well as hedge towards  nuances and metaphor. 


She grew up in a suburb of London with her grandparents, and through her loneliness had many imaginary friends. Her world was the books she read and the picture books she studied, and drew characters from, as well as the imaginary narratives she created in her head. Normal activities such as swimming and riding her bike provided a rich tapestry for her lively imagination, turning her bike into a horse which she galloped furiously and swimming became her underworld domain for mermaids and sea creatures.


She has a background in mixed media; however, she loves to create digitally using all her skills to tell the story with her unique visual grammar. She has a clear understanding of how words and art perform the synergy necessary to capture and sustain a child’s love of reading books, which will last their whole life.


She uses her knowledge and experience to interpret narrative needs and provides timely solutions which are guaranteed to please through her attention to detail and willingness to work to client satisfaction.